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    Tree Sap on Seats, Tryed EVERTHING???

    Hey guys, new to the forums, my name is Derrick & Im from Arkansas.
    Just a little history--- I got 2 1997 Polaris SLTX 3 years ago for $4500. They were minty clean really nice when i got them, we have had a GREAT time with them in the lakes around arkansas and in the ocean off destin florida for the first 2 years. Well early last season one of them started acting funny so we took it to 4 different shops aound central arkansas and they never got fixed until last week, so we didnt get to use them last year after $2500 and new parts galore it turned out to be a $50 fix, the start stop switch was bad (long story). Anyway while sitting at 4 different places for over a year outside under trees ext... they got VERY DIRTY!!! The last guys parked them under a big pine tree (we asked him not to, but it happened) tree sap all over them. I have read trought the forums and tryed everything you guys suggest, The bodies are cleaning up just allright with some simple green, purple power, wax, ext... But I have tried ALOT of stuff on the seats (goo gone, goof off, simple green, purple power, a-jax, wax, wd40, soap, and nothing touches the sap stains, they are "horrible" ( man it makes me mad cause they were in PERFECT condition) now they look old and ruined!!! Anyone had any luck with anything else at all?? Thanks for your advice and opinions on this, i look forward to chatting with you guys and spending some time on the forums getting to know more about my skis and how to make them fun, faster and prettier for years to come, forums are cool, thanks guys!! Here are some before and after pics of my skis
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    Welcome to the Hulk,to bad you didn't find us before visiting all the dealerships.That's a sticky one you have there. You might try some Kal-strip (aircraft paint remove) in a non conspicuious spot. Are they harden spots or still soft? or maybe warm them up with a heat gun? Just be careful not to ruin them. Maybe someone has dealt with it before.

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    If you get tired of trying, you can install a seat cover.
    I also have a brand new in the box purple touring seat as you have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keddano View Post
    ...maybe warm them up with a heat gun?
    Just be careful not to ruin them...
    Welcome to the Hulk!

    I would avoid the heat gun unless it is the very last alternative.

    Did some of the products you tried have an effect, but not enough? They may just need to soak for a while, which can be tricky with those that seem to evaporate in a few seconds.

    You can lengthen the soak time by putting the cleaning product onto a thin rag spread over part of the seat surface, then sandwiching another piece of clean vinyl on top, to hold the cleaning product against the seat, and slow down the evaporation.

    I suggest looking for some automotive car cleaner that specifically says it will work on tree sap. If it also says it is safe to use on a car's vinyl roof, then that is the product to try.

    Take the seats off the PWC while trying different cleaners. Some products that might be OK on vinyl may not be OK on Gel coat.

    If you cannot find a car cleaning product for sap, try mineral spirits. It may work slowly, so wipe it on, and keep gently rubbing it. Tree sap can be very tough stuff, especially if it has hardened. That is what Amber is made from!

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    What do you guys think about white vinegar/water mix, soaked in a large towel and layed across the seat for a while?

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    welcome to the forum

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    carb cleaner, wd 40, acetone, nail polish remover, bug and tar remover, hair spray, isopropyl alcohol 91% or higher, mineral spirits, skin so soft.

    not sure if any of these things will cause discoloration or not.

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    If it is just tree sap, spray nine and a scrub brush will take it right off.
    I have done it many times in an old job of mine.

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    Hey guys, thanks for the fast and great replys. A guy had them at his house working on them from september 2007 till last month, now he worked on them off and on, winterized them and we just let him keep them over the winter and he said he would keep them in his shop and work on them when he could, well they were in the same spot when we picked them up (under some trees) he said they stayed there because he had other boats in his shop he was working on and didnt have room for them!!! So i say all that to say the tree sap has been on there for a while, its not hard or soft, you cant even feel it any more, its like it has melted into the seats and become part of them (it sucks). all the products we have tryed were not put on and soaked at all, mostly just sprayed on for 10-15 minutes and then scrubed or worked with a rag, now about 10% of it has come off but it is more like just a surface layer of dirt that the sap held onto as it dried and melted into to seats, if that makes since?? Yea i will try a few more products you guys recomend and some longer soaks, i think i might have to just get some new covers at some point, but i will try some other things for the time being. Please keep the suggestions coming and i will try them and let you guys know how they work.
    Thanks again for your help, you guys ROCK!!

    *Best place to get seat covers for the SLTX, i have looked a few places online and have come up short??
    **ph2ocraft-- how much for the seat??

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    Have you tried "Gel-Gloss"?...comes in a violet/pink rectangular can found at just about any hardware store, wal-mart, target and auto stores. Can even use it on the seats.

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