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    03 XP DI smooth...until 6300 RPM? Help-

    Well just picked up my 03 XP DI (74 hours) and love the look and ride, unfortunately it's not running 100%. Starts, idles and revs to 6300ish perfect, from there though it breaks up and runs for crap. Dealer is 3 hours away and said they had water in the gas/bad fuel. They drained and ran fine, which is does but they didn't run it enough to discover my issue.
    So I put 30 bucks in fuel and just finished the first tank. I changed plugs and oddly it seemed to help it for a few minutes then it slipped back to the sluggish top end. Seems to struggle to get to 60 which seems odd especially with the dreamometer factor.
    Dealer says I can bring it back but for 6 hours of driving (from cabin) I gotta believe I can trouble shoot this since it is running NEAR perfect.
    So thoughts are run this tank to empty, put new fresh gas and see if it improves...will it?
    Pull raves: tech said if it were valves it would be running crappy before 6000R's? Seems to me my sled did a similar thing and it cleaned up the top end with a good scrub. Could this be the 400RPM and sewing machine sound I am looking for?
    Seems to me it could be ignition/wires but he said again it would show up sooner that 6400RPMs.
    And the worst? starving for fuel, fuel pump going or clogged.

    Am I wishing for a miracle to simply be the remnants of crappy gas?

    Thanks for your help-

    BTW: what a fun boat, cant believe it took this long to get back into it-

    99 SPX on the way too, then I have a back-up!

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    check the small line from the compressor to the RAVE solenoid. They crack and a very small leak will cause your symptoms also.

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    pull rave covers and springs if you get back your RPM start looking at the Rave system

    note the boat will only have top end, don't worry if it runs poorly at lower RPM just put the caps and springs back

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    Also check your exhaust, I kinda had the same problems. I changed the plugs, cleaned and checked the Raves and changed the fuel filters. It ran better but still had no top end and would cut out a bit at wot. Also it would idle like crap and die. I just checked the exhaust and saw that there was a crack in the blue boot. Im putting a new one in tomorrow and ill see if that fixed it...

    Look for black soot inside of the hull...
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    thanks for the leads.
    I will try pulling the springs/caps.

    Sucks, finally getting warm up here and I am trouble shooting...hopefully I can get it figured out.

    Does seem like a small air leak in that system or something though, doesn't help that I am an idiot with it comes to DI and this boat for that matter-

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    Had to bring it to the dealer, the waterbox rave was leaking when on the hose so that seemed to be the culprit. Unfortunately, that was not the case and I had to leave it at the dealer.
    I should create a poll, it seems this issue comes up quite a bit. I have a gut feeling its the fuel pump, put having NO experience with FI I am a complete dummy.
    I guess it could have been worse, I could have picked it up from a private party and paid 100$/hour for diagnosis.

    Anyone else care to take a guess?

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    Water in the gas still. I would pull the injectors an check for water there. Water cannot compress through the injectors so it will sit there and cause this same problem.

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    My 03 xp di died this weekend. I changed the plugs and cleaned the rave valves and it ran fine all day but the next day it ran fine for the first half. I had idled a little bit with a little wot and some wave jumping but after a couple of stops and about a 2 mile low speed/idle I got into smooth water and attempted to open her up but she said no way!! It wouldn't run over around a choppy 3500 rpm then it went to idle and died. I tried to crank it but she would run for about 10 secs with no trottle response and die then would not start at all. Let it sit for a few mins she'd crank, run a few secs, and die. Any insight would be great. BTW I'm not trying to hijack the thread just wondering if these issues could be related.
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    First have to send out a plug for Rob's Performance in Johnson Creek. I bought this unit used and they stood behind there boat. Though it was it was frustrating they found out it was a bad coil. All the fuss and it was a coil.
    So if this helps some others from frustration or going out and buying a fuel pump...its worth the time.

    Good Luck-

    XP is all about fun.

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    Well, I replaced the fuel pump over the weekend and it was the problem solver!! I now have all of my rpms back without hesitation. Replacing wasn't a bad job at all but it was an EXPENSIVE one

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