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    Question bogs at low speeds

    hello,well its been a while since i have been on,i have a 97 xp.was out at the lake for a few days and the problem i am having is a very bad bog at low starts fine,idles fine but when you go to take off you have to feather the throttle to get the xp to accel.if you accel to fast it will fall on its face and even stall.once it is above mid throttle it runs fine.accels fine,mid to full throttle,power band seems really smooth.any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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    many sea doos have this issuse and im sure some other guys will add there 0.02 as well.
    you need to replace all the fuel lines as well as the selector switch rebuild the carbs check the little filter in each carb check your main fuel filter clean it if needed clean the rave vavles replace spark plugs and that should help 95% of your problem

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    Too bad you can't spray some carb cleaner in the intake while you are riding to see if it returns to normal when this happens. One of the good things about having a shop and a test tank. Because so many stupid problems on skis just don't show up when you are running them out the water. But if you want to start guessing and if you are able to do the things yourself with confidence then I would remove carbs disassemble and make sure that the diaphragms are in good shape, the internal filter is not clogged, that your jets are clear. Sometimes you may have a clogged pilot jet which is mostly due to the unit sitting and some water in the gas and it'll start to rust inside your carb. Also make sure your fuel filter cap has a good o-ring see so many problems that you think it is something larger and it is just that stupid o-ring not sealing properly anymore. Try these for starters. Also make sure you do a compression test reading if you can. Always good to know that your engine is in good condition before you start chasing other issues

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