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    need to find some replacement girdle bolts for my 1300R..suggestions on where?

    Hey everyone,

    I've been tricking out my skis and they still havent touched water yet this season...but thats an issue in itself. Long story short I am looking to replace some of the girdle bolts i believe they are M8 ones for my riva performance ski got a little too wet last season and some of the bolts were a little tough to get out when I pulled the motor. I am looking to pick up a half dozen of the large and half dozen of the smaller bolts. Am I stuck picking up another girdle kit for a ridiculous price? Any of you have extras that I could buy from you? Or is there somewhere that sells them like an autoparts store? Personally I feel the heads on them weren't exactly rugged so I hope to hear some of you also went through this and know where I should look to fix this issue.



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    mcmastercar is your best bet. Just measure them up

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    will stock head bolts work?

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    they have alot of locations

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