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    Pulling to the left after being at dealer

    Had my ski at the dealer to perform all the re-calls at the start of the season, had it out for the first time and it was pulling very hard to the left. Took off the cable and turned the eyelet in 2 full clockwise turns and it helped but was still bad, 2 more turns and it's now bottomed out but still pulls to the left. The grate looked a bit off center so I removed the plate and the grate cleaned them all up and replaced them, making sure they were shimmed the same distance from side to side and it still pulls to the left, although not as bad.

    I figure if the dealer possibly bent the cable that it would pull to the right not the left... I could grind a few threads off the cable to get another turn or 2 to maybe get it going straight, but what the heck could have happend, any ideas ???.. Thanks..

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    I'm pretty sure you have the service manual, did you check the nozzle with a measuring tape as indicated? Have the wedge installed?

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    I have the wedge and the manual, never had a problem until I got it back from the dealer. I have the adjustment screw all the way in trying to make it go right but it's now bottomed out. I have no idea why it would all of the sudden be going so hard left.. I will look at the manual tonight..

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    There also is another adjustment under the handle bars, its where it attaches to the steering set up.....................

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    Chris , this might not have anything to do with what the dealer did, but i had the same problem with my 15f and found the left sponson was sitting lower than the right. Maybe thats why it was so easy to spin it around. mine did have a pull to it more so when the water was calm. Just an idea worth checking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultra250 Tn View Post
    There also is another adjustment under the handle bars, its where it attaches to the steering set up.....................
    Hmm,,, do they have to do anything with the bars or steering when they did the recalls, espcecially the plate under the glove box ??

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