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    05 rxt with high temp warning light

    My cousin has a 05 rxt. The other day he ran over a tow rope and of course it got caught up in the drive shaft. I put it on the lift and cut it for him no problem. About an hour later I notice the ski being towed back in. They said the guage started to read high temp and when I put the ski back on the lift for him I noticed the engine compartment was full of water, prolly from being towed and not clamping down the hose. I drained the water out and let it sit from about 30 mins and it still reads high temp. Any ideas of why its reading that all of a sudden?


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    make sure the rope didn't get up in the thru hull area where the drive shaft goes thru. and check to make sure the wearring and impeller are not damaged. one last thing some times the siphon tubes on the venturi can get ripped out if things get really messy in the pump which will cause the self bailers to draw in water instead of move out water.

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    yea it all looked good

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    It could be possible that one of the rubber water/cooling lines that go to the IC and to the exhaust manifold had come off or has a hole in it.Also check the Hoses that go from the exhaust manifold to the J-Pipe..If they get a hole in them or come off that would give you your water in the hull and starve your waterbox of water for cooling giving you the high temp ..And check all your clamps too to see if they are all tight..
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