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    Riva 1300R Ride Plate on a 1200R/Does is matter?

    For background purposes, My pump shoe has been plugged, leveled and re-installed in the hull. It sits 1/32 inches higher than when I took it out, and I got better hook-up by doing this modification.

    I had an old Riva 1200R ride plate, extremely beat on, with big dents on the tail and fracture cracks on the bottom of it--time to upgrade. I bought a Riva 1300R ride plate and went to install it, and it sits 1/4 higher up in the boat than the pump shoe. Should I washer the front and back of the ride plate until they are level with the pump shoe, or should I bolt it in as is and go from there? The old plate sat about 1/16th higher than the pump shoe and I ran 70 mph with it but I thought it might be the cause for porpoising between 30-45 mph.

    Oh, other problem is I use a 3 degree exit. Already grinded the bottom of pump flat and a groove in the end of the ride plate so the bolt in the bottom of the ride plate has clearance.

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    By dropping the front of the plate you are creating more angle. Just dont drop it below the pump shoe (dont want water grabbing it).

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