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    Help - 3rd MFD on 1994 Polaris SLT 750

    I have searched these forums over & can't find exactly what I am looking for.

    I am in need of my third MFD for a 1994 Polaris SLT 750. This one keeps blowing the fuse every time it is plugged in. (It worked fine the last couple years).

    I do have a manual, and have found that the fuse calls for a 1/4 amp, and the ski has a 1 amp. A Polaris dealer (closed down) doing warranty work has been the only one in the electrical box so I assume he changed it.

    Is there any way to replace the MFD with separate gages. I am the most interested in the fuel, tach & the red dummy light.

    Are there known fuel gages that would work with the current sending unit? Can the ligth be replaced with a generic Dummy light?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Something has gone wrong with your MFD, it would seem.

    It might be repairable, or you can hunt another working one down.

    There is no reason to use an MFD fuse larger than 1/4 Amp, and I have seen a number of reports of larger fuses installed, and the MFD being damaged. It is not clear if the two are related, but the larger than spec'ed fuse, plus non-working MFD combination does keep cropping up.

    Depending on the model, the Red MFD warning light signals overheat, low fuel, or low oil. The fuel and oil senders are analog resistance type (33 ohms full, 240 ohms empty), so standard fuel/oil gauges should work with the stock senders, but I have not used one.

    The Polaris analog fuel gauge uses a special 2.5 volt feed from the voltage regulator, which the MFD models did not require.

    The temperature overheat sensor is just a switched wire to ground, so it can be connected to a 12volt light.

    Is that what you needed to know?

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