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    I may be wrong but it is my understanding that it allows only two cylinders to fire. I think most people on this forum would agree to never use the white key.

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    Does using the learning key for a long period damage anything on the motor? I just purchased my ski new last year around this time. But I keep it in Texas, I'm in California, so we get to use it for two weeks when we are down there. This year my sister and her husband are coming along and I plan on letting them use the ski, but with the learning key for when they go out on it.

    I've only had it about it year and it's already had a SC clutch disk failure at about 10 hrs. So I'm wondering if using the learning key could have any long term damaging affects.

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    I forgot to mention in my other post. What does the learning key actually do? Just cut revs, change the whole engine mapping, eliminate cylinders?

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    It just limits RPMs so newbies can learn without hurting themselves.

    I am against the idea anyways, more power is safer IMO, but it must cover BRP's ass in case of an accident.

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    Using the learning key for extended periods of time will not damage the engine. Driving your corvette under 55 won't hurt it either, but we all know it's capable of more. As far as friends and family using the L-key...Nothing is a better substitute than taking the time to teach them how to to use it safely. The most dangerous area I see people cause damage is when the are coming up to a dock or congested area. If and when I let people drive I like to have an area like a open shore where I can can wade out to the ski after they kill the engine away from people, boats, docks and anything else that might want to live

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    Mine sounds like crap too with the learning key.

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