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    Seadoo XPS oil in my Ultra 150 !!! Argh!

    My buddy put my seadoo 2 cycle XPS oil into the Ultra 150 By accident. It was about a quart, what should I do. Will it just burn the oil or will it mess things up. I usually run yamalube in it. What should I do, drain the oil tank and replace the oil?

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    I bet it will run it just fine its 2 stroke oil how difrent can it be from all the other brands.

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    At least he didnt fill it up with it. I saw him and I was like DUDE!!

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    Man thats sacralige to put seepoo in a kawi J/K it will be fine

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    I know!!!! I hate paying for that stupid juice!!

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    the only thing i would be concerned about is XPS is synthetic and yamalube is conventional..

    some synthetics don't mix well with conventionals..
    if it seams like the oils DIDN'T mix well then drain the oil tank.
    if they didn't mix it will be noticable. the heavier (yamalube) oil will sink.

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    Your VTS is going to go out!

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    It mixed fine, I dont see any difference in the oils when they mixed. I cant see any separation in the resivoir.

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    they makem XPS mineral and synthetic...

    was the bottle yellow or white?

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    Its the white bottle. Its mineral oil man. I might drain as much of it out as I can and use it in the old lawn mower for the next 10 years.

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