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Thread: dodgy dealers

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    dodgy dealers

    i had an error code appear on the display of my 2005 rxt,i looked in workshop manual and it said knock sensor,or related wiring ecm ect,
    anyway i run my own business and dont have time to take it to bits and check it out,so i took it down to local dealer,
    They replaced the knock sensor,which they said took them 3 hours as it was difficult to get to,and charged me £287.....which is approx $574.
    Collected the rxt (had to take one day off work to collect as quite a distance).
    Arrange a day out on ski with the family,first 10 mins out, same error code, didn't ride the rxt again just in case.
    took the rxt back to dealer.(another day off work) They said corroded pins
    changed 4 pins.
    Collected rxt a week later(another day off work).
    arranged to go out with family again that weekend.
    more error codes ruined our day yet again.
    back to dealer(another day off work).
    I told the dealer i was going to test the bike in the harbour before taking it away this time just in case.
    They told me they had fixed it and to come down to test.
    another day off work.

    Guess what..................more error codes.
    They told me that they would have to change all the pins on the ecm and a couple of sensors and this would take approx 7 hours at £65 an hour ($130)
    I said no way i'll do it myself.
    i am mechanically minded,had the workshop manual and did the following.
    Checked what error codes were coming up
    cross referenced these in the workshop manual
    found on electrical drawing in manual the pin allocation number for that error code and to my amazement, found a loose wire which directly related to my error.
    to cut a very long story short did they.
    1/ mis-diagnose my problem.
    2/could they of checked weather i really needed a new knock sensor by testing it. IE:continuity test?
    3/if not could i post it to bosch for testing or could they of done that.
    4/does a knock sensor take three hours to replace.
    5/is there a route a good mechanic would normally take to get to the bottom of a problem.

    your comments would be much appreciated.
    regards john
    united kingdom

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    Sounds familiar to stories in the states! I guess GOOD seadoo mechanics are hard to come by. A dealership is trying to make money and relies on his mechanics for service. In the Seadoo Shop manual there are procedures to be followed for various problems including checking continuity when necessary. One of the first places they should look when expierencing an electrical problem is the mem and ecu. So often corrosion is a cause of reported sensor failures, etc.
    Tough luck and thanks for sharing!! We all have to be cautious with our dealers.

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    Here's a perfect example from Danny from the manual:
    The instructions for checking go all the way to the pins from the ecu.

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