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    How to check TPS

    I have a 99 polaris genesis ficht and it dies after sometimes 5min and sometimes 30 min. It is getting cooling water fine and fuel fine. When it dies it acts like it is starving for gas. It just boggs down. Sometimes it will start right back up and run for a while and sometimes it won't crack for a few mins. The only thing i can think of is the tps. Is there any way to check it or adjust it? Thanks.
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    it cranks without tps. but when you give it throttle it just boggs like no fuel. similair to how it does in water. removed tps and hooked it up and it runs great it you move the tps lever like the throttle does. My question is that if the tps gets hot will it stop working correctly? If now i need to look elsewhere. thanks.

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    The TPS can fail from engine vibration, so it can seem OK when rotating it in your hand, but not work properly when mounted to the engine. It might work OK for a while after start-up, then get wonky while the engine runs.

    Also, the electrical connector that the TPS plugs into can have loose contacts, and can produce electrical fluctuations when the engine is running. Use fine pliers to gently squeeze each female contact inside the connector a little tighter, so it firmly grips the mating contact when you push the connector together.

    I suggest you purchase a replacement TPS. It is always good to have a spare, and it is not terribly expensive (about $100).

    Either your current TPS is bad, and you need a new one, or your current TPS is OK, and it can become your spare after you install the new one.

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    make sure the contacts in the connector for the tps to the loom are good .Crimp them a little bit when you put it together .


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