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    SLX 780 Cylinder .50mm over?

    first of all thanks to all on this forum, I have learned soooo much about my ski in the last week.

    So basically I have a 1996 SLX 780 that was severely lacking power when I put it in the water about a month ago, so after much searching and reading on this forum, I found that it had a dime sized hole in the 3rd piston (one closest to the back of the watercraft).

    So I'm shoipping for a replacement, and I decided that I had better measure the cylinder wall to see if it had been bored. I measured it today and got a reading of 71.80mm, and that's .50 mm over the stock of the 71.30mm right? As far as I know, this ski has never been rebuilt, I am only the second owner and the first owner had all the maintenance records. Is it possible that this came from the factory with a .50mm over piston? Is there a way that I can tell by looking at the old piston? part # etc?? I definately want to get this ski back in the water asap and don't want to order the wrong part!!


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    I HIGHLY doubt the factory put out a .5mm oversized piston. Previous owner must have not given you all the paperwork as mentioned.

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