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Thread: xpl vts moduel

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    xpl vts moduel

    hey guys, my vts module just crapped out on my today. anyway, do you know if they are engine specific. i see them on ebay but not listed under the 951 class, just the 717,787,800 class. just curious if it makes a difference. any vts experts out there

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    any ideas, i need to buy quickly so that i can run next weekend. got to make time for shipping ya know. the ski is dry, and i aint happy. lol

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    i'm no expert, but i do know that some of the older vts housings will work on the xpl's. i think a friend of mine used a gsx vts housing on a xpl......not 100% though

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    The GSX is the same as the XPL. The XP/SPX is different.

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