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    any sys admins in the house?

    I need to move my companies web and email servers, but I can't find anything I like.

    I'm looking for something with good email spam filtering and something that allows individual users access to their email settings so that they can setup autoresponders without the admin's help.

    The place I was going to use is, but setting up the email for every user is turning out to be tedious and their server seems slow.

    Any suggestions? I want linux hosting, 10GB of space, and good user friendly email (pop3 is mostly used, but I still need web based access.)

    I have found some really cool places that have a program which automatically sets up outlook for your email, but these places don't allow individual users to manage their autoresponders.

    suggestons please=D>

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    I might be able to help give me a few days to get back to you!

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    Thanks for the reply. seems a little expensive for what we want. I decided to go with It seems OK although they charge for each aditional "feature"

    I can always switch everything if I don't like it.

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