• I just installed new engine core from sbt , followed instructions to the Tee!
  • Had my carbs cleaned and checked for problems. (None)
  • Installed extra fuel pump for 3RD cylinder to prevent it from burning up! Had problems with 1ST engine burning up because it ran to lean in 2ND cylinder costly repairs! "Don't want this to happen again".
  • Still has thermostat installed from 1ST. recall back in 92! And Bosch spark plugs so it could burn hotter, because it ran so rich with factory set oil injection pump. And smoked like crazy!
My question is ?

I go to start, its starts pretty easy ! cranked over a few times then fired up! All Good.

I go to feel cylinders only 2 are getting hot, the 1ST one is cold? Fouled plug, so I take out and clean it! probably because its a 40:1 ratio to 10 gal. gas. For break in of new engine.

Tryed it again this time all 3 cylinders are getting hot.

So I go to turn hose on for water to cool cylinders of running it without , It fouls 1ST & 2ND cylinders rt. away?

Need solution plz !