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Thread: NuJet Destroyer

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    NuJet Destroyer

    I found a place to buy the NuJet Destroyer for 175 with 5 left.
    I have a email going out to Impros to see if he is going to sell it and see if he will know any pitches for the RXT/RXP.

    Nujet sells a stock,limited and modified version.

    My questions are
    Does this have more mid-range and top end than the solas ?
    Is harmonics an issue with this 3 blade(and need front engine mount mod) ?
    It says it uses a different pitch design, will I be able to bend it to gain/loose rpms ?
    Is skat-trak going to make a worthy 3 blade that will work with the stage 2 RXT ?

    I emailed John at NuJet and he told they aren't available for the RXT/RXP yet until the end of the season.
    I have emailed the ebay dealer to find out the deal.
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