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    Oil inject removal, hose question?

    I have a 1994 Seadoo SPX, I took off the oil injection. I put the block-off plate over where the pump goes on and I put the cover over the hose fitting thats like almost directly underneath the where the block-off plate went but about 180% around there is another hose that attached into the oil tank. I'm wondering what I should do with this?

    One more quickie, what can I do to the sending unit so that it doesnt think the oil tank is empty? Thanks for any advice or info!

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    other hose

    the other hose is used to oil the rotory valve gear , there should be one more hose on the other side of the motor ( returns to the top of the tank ) . if you want to remove the tank , you need to conect a single piece hose to both barbed fitting on the block . before conecting to the second fitting you need to fill the hose with oil .

    sending unit , using an ohm meter , check the restance from the sending unit with the tank full . if there is a restive value goto radio shack and buy a resistor with that value , it will wire in series with the wires comming from the electrical box .
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    Ive always kept my oil tank in and kept oil in it. u should keep the hose that connects to the crank case on so it will still suck oil in if needed. disconnect everything else from the oil injection and just keep the thick hose on.

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