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    Compressor Impeller and Baseplate - 06 RXP

    Has anyone ever had this stuff damaged as a result of a ceramic washer failure? I toaster my SC two weeks ago, finally got the rebuild kit, pulled the engine, cleaned the oil pumps and replaced oil pump parts, now I pulled the SC apart to rebuild and the impeller, baseplate, and housing a eff'd up.

    The impeller edges are scored to crap because it looks like they were rubbing on the housing. Also, when inserting the bearing into the base plate, you can see that there is play, and the bearing edges can actually move within the space - didnt even need to press it. Im assuming when the washers went, it took out the bearing and allow the impeller to have play and rub on the housing.

    Im not risking it so I order a new baseplate and impeller (another 600 bucks!) and Im throwing together this week.

    Man, i hope I dont find anything else messed up. The bill for parts is up to about 1300 bucks...
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