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    Unhappy Help with minor hull damage

    After two years I finally banged my hull on a dock : (
    There is a 2'' scrape on the upper hull that has exposed the white fiberglass.

    Few questions: Is this repairable? If so what should I expect price wise? Is it ok to finish out the season with this damage?

    Thanks guys

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    Yes it is repairable and will be fine for the season. I would seal it up with something like some black epoxy or gel coat if available Try not to make a mess. Just brush it in the scrape or use a putty nife to put a nice tight wipe over the scratch and then clean the excess around the scrape. This will keep the fiberglass from soaking up water and staying wet. DO NOT USE SILICONE!!!!
    It can be expensive to repair this correctly because you need to refinish the complete upper hull wich means you would need to replace all the decals and disassemble the ski. It is possible to spot paint it or burn a blend in just the affected area but in my experience it never looks 100% and gets worse in time as different materials fade at different rates. Black is the worst. It is also possible to fill the scrape with gelcoat untill it is totaly full and wet sand it with a sanding block and 1200 grit paper till smooth. If it is not totaly filled up after you sand it flat repeat this process. Once smooth it can be buffed and polished. It wont be perfect but IMO is better than buning a blend as it will keep the repaired area as small as possible.
    I hope this helps!

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