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    1998 GTS Wear Ring Question

    I have another question about the wear ring. I got the wear ring from sbt and the impeller tool. Got it off, replaced the wear ring and got it all back together. No real issues during replacement. Took it out for the first time today and found that most of the time it would cavitate from the start and then it would catch and be fine, mid speed, high speed is good, but if I go back to idle then hit it, it would cavitate for a bit until I feather it and it would catch. I have looked at the impeller and wear ring and it looks good. Maybe a bit more clearance on the top of the impeller than the bottom, but if I rotate the empeller shaft, the clearance stays at the top, so it doesnt appear to have a warped shaft or bent impeller. The only thing that I didnt do, it apply sealant between the pump assembly and the ski. Any ideas or things to look for. I do know the little seal on the shaft forward of the pump is in place properly also. What would be the most common mistake that may cause this.


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    when you had the impellor did you notice any damage to it ? maybe a bent blade, it doesnt take much

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    The blade looked pretty good. I filed out a couple rough spots. From what I have read, it looks like the pump housing is not sealed to the ski transom or whatever you call it. The only sealant I used was around the autobailer and cooling water through hull fittings. I think I should have used a bead of silicone (right stuff) around the pump housing where is secures to the ski. I will pull it off and redo it.
    thanks. Is there some sort of gasket where the pump meets the ski or do I just put a good bead of sealant on the sealing surface. I dont remember pulling one off and I can't find anything that says if there is or isnt a gasket.
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