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    Bad Generator

    Guys, we got the 99 1200xl limited out last weekend for the first time and it ran fine until it went to idle and would stall. Restarted fine each time but the crank got gradually weaker, got the daughter off and I got on and ran it for a minute and it never got up on plane at full throttle and finally died. Battery was completely dead. It did this at the end of last summer and I thought the battery had just went bad so I bought a new one and it did the same thing. Taking it to the dealer tomorrow, but I want to know what to expect, any ideas? Bad generator? I have installed clips and couplers, D plate and chip, intake grate, ride plate and pump plug kit, ski has 91 hours on it. Thanks

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    Could very well be the stator. Not a cheap fix unfortunately, They are located in the front cover which requires pulling the engine to get to.

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    I checked the price of the stator and about fell over. Wasn't sure what it would take to get to it but if the engine has to come out I'll have a hefty labor bill also, that sucks. May be time to look at a trade in.

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    If indeed the stator is what the problem is and the engine has to be pulled what other preventive maintenance should I have them do? Ski has 92 hours. I really want to trade for a SHO but I think I'll make the limited last another season and let the prices settle down a little.

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    Dealer called today and told me compression was zero on #1 cyl. normal on other two. They want $2920 for a reman. long block with a two year warranty plus $1000 or so for freight, tax and labor!! Does this sound right? Would you spend $4000 on a ski thats worth $4400 NADA? Going to call some other dealers before making a decision but could use some advice. Thanks

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    that price still doesn't fix the Charging issue nor the root cause of the bad compression , that very well could be carb related so figure a few more hundred into the equation

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    my 2 cents --part your ski out and buy this 4800 obo

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    They did replace a relay that solved the starter issue, so yeah I'm already down $100, don't know what relay, was talking to owner not the mechanic. It just seems a shame to trash this thing, it only has 92 freaking hours. I guess we'll fix it and try to make it last the new 2year warranty. I didn't get into what caused it, they haven't torn into it yet, but yeah we'll find out and remedy that also.

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