Guy at the boat ramp last weekend, had a WaveRaider that he was working on.

I've got no clue what this guy's problem was with his ski, but I'll try to describe as well as I can..

He's got the two-cylinder engine with no powervalves, He also said the carbs had been rebuilt recently..

The ski idle's fine, but when the throttle is opened, the RPM's get "stuck" around 2000-3000 just to take a guess. With the throttle pinned, if he bounces the ski enough to get it to cavitate, the RPM's will hit the limiter and the ski takes off.. Once RPM's get back below that 2000-3000, he's gotta get it to cavitate again for the RPM's to come back up.

I'm stumped, the best guess I could give him were reeds.. Mabye you guys have some suggestions?