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    1300 hull crack...need advice please read

    Here is what has been happening to my ski the past year. I am waiting for a response back from yamaha. They are working with me but we will see what happens. I am staying positive that they will do the right thing.. this is the same post from before...but with a little twist just go to the bottom...please respond....this is going to take place tomorrow 6/25/05

    Here is the issue that I am dealing with. This is on a 2003 1300GPR. I had a crack in the hull on 9/11/04. The hull was fixed and I picked the ski up in December of 2004. I took the ski out on 12/13/04. The ski ran well for about 0.2 hours and then the engine threw a rod. Again the hull had water in it and that is probably why the engine failed. I was stranded for 2 hours in the winter until I could get someone to help. The hull and the engine were repaired and I picked the ski up on 4/23/05. I broke the engine in as per dealer. I did notice a little water in the hull but attributed it to the ski not being covered and left in the dealers outside area. On 5/29/05, I started taking on water again and was just able to make it back to the boat ramp without damaging the engine. Further investigation found that the hull that was just fixed less then 2 hours on the craft had cracked again in the same exact spot. The ski was back at the dealers on 5/31/05. The ski was repaired again and I picked it up on 6/17/05. The ski was ridden for about another 2 hours and then the hull let loose again. This time I was in an area that was not close to shore and that had the potential to be life threatening. I was able to save my life and the ski. The hull repaired did not hold for the 4th time. The hull took on lots of salt water and then engine did get damaged.

    This ski is no longer sea worthy by any means and has put me in harms way more then once. The financial hardship and the quality of my life have been altered. The summers are very short in New Jersey and I have not been able to get what I paid for. I have seen my summer shorted last year and this year. This is unacceptable for any product. I no longer have faith that this ski will hold up for even 5 minutes. The ski is putting others and myself in jeopardy of being hurt or killed. I will not and cannot in clear conscious put this ski back on the water.

    I respectfully request that I get a full refund for what I paid for the ski, or replace it with another new ski. I am prepared to take any means necessary to assure that I am treated fairly. I will contact many of the agency’s that deal in these issues and use all means of the Internet through uses groups to get out this issue.

    so...the dealer and I have been talking...He will take my ski for $5100.....then I will buy another RXP for 10, it will cost me 5500 to get away from everything and have a new ski....or should I just buy the RXP which I would get for 9800 and see what yamaha comes up with? I will not miss any summer time and if they really can't fix the ski I will get a new one and then sell the new 1300 to someone. Please help...I am buying the RXP at 9am eastern time no matter what...just depends how much cash I give...thanks again for the help


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    my honest opinion..give them the ski for 5100 and get the rxp. that way you will free and clear and not have to worry about selling the other ski when you get it. selling a jetski is a pain in the ass. but i guess its easier if its new. to me it would be worth the 5500 to not have to worry about it anymore. not to make fun of you or anything but you are not in a good position. either wait x amount of time to get it fixed or wait x amount of time to get a new one..either way you are going to have to buy a new ski..thats pretty messed up. yamaha shouldve taken care of you, no questions about it. like i said 5500 to be free and clear with no worries is ok by me. then again its not my money. it sux to be that kind of a situation..sorry to hear about it and i hope you get it resolved quickly.

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    If I were in your position..........

    That 1300 would be gone so fast it make your head spin

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    If you do the trade, they are charging you list price...$10,600 for the RXP which you could buy outright for $9800. So they are not really giving you $5100 for the Yammi, but rather only $4300. I would wait to see what Yamaha does to fix or replace the hull. Maybe waiting another week or two would be worth it. You should be able to sell the GPR for more than the $4300 the dealer is offering you, especially if they replace the hull.


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