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    2000 GTX-DI Sputters/Dies out

    Hey guys, I have a 2000 GTX-DI. I took it out the other day and the thing wouldnt get up to top speed, missing all the time, sometimes it never even got on plane. Also it would idle rough and die. Then it would take 2-4secs to restart. I popped the seat and there was a fair bit of exhaust in the hull.

    Today, I replaced the plugs and fuel filter and cleaned the Raves, they were nasty but still held vacuum. I cleaned them with carb cleaner, wire wheeled all the carbon off the arch, air dried them and replaced them.

    I took it out tonight and it still idled rough and would die. It would get up to plane but was not as fast as before and still would miss once and a while.

    So Im thinking its either;

    Low Batt
    Exhaust Leak
    Bad Hose Somewhere
    Bad Plug Lead
    Clogged Injector

    Any other ideas guys?

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    there shouldn't be any exhaust in the hull, so i would say you have an exhaust leak somewhere.

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    Checked the exhuast and there was a hole in the blue boot. Is there a better fix for it then the seadoo part? Also, i just unstrapped the muffler, pulled it back as far as I could then cut the boot out with a knife. Whats the best way for re installing the new boot?

    Thanks guys...

    PS. How long should one of those boots last for? the machine has 100hrs on it. I hope it isnt a cooling prob...
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