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    Lightbulb Looking for a Polaris Repair shop...

    Im looking for a shop that would repair my 95 Polaris SLX780 for me. I live in the Downriver area (Just south of Detroit , MI). Does any one know of a marine repair shop in these parts that will work on a Polaris?? the ones i have called say they wont touch a polaris, why... i have no idea.. but any help would be apreciated.

    also if anyone local really knows what they are doing, and has a rate they will work by please PM me.


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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    What do you need done Cool?

    We can help you do ALOT yourself, saving you $$$ for mods.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlint89 View Post
    What do you need done Cool?

    We can help you do ALOT yourself, saving you $$$ for mods.....

    i have done so much my self with the help of you guys already, and i still just cant figure it out... now that i have a little extra cash on hand, i would like to get it done right, as i have already done so much myself and still no luck..

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    There's a few Good Polaris Guys in your area. The only Polaris place I know of in the area is up in Shelby Twp, and Anderson's in Pontiac.....But the best are right here to help with you doing the work.

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    alright, ill continue my old thread and see how it goes. if you guys want, you can read it over, all the problems are the same.

    It starts idles great, wont go past around 4500 RPM, full tank of gas, full oil, rebuilt carbs, i indexed the crank, it checked out. pumps fuel great to the carbs, i really think its in limp mode, and i wish i could disable it. i was told to remove a certain grey wire, that i found and did remove, but still the same problem...

    if you have a responce, put it here,
    so this thread isnt out of place.

    thanks alot.

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