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    WTB: Pump Stator for 95' 780SLX

    I've got a 95' 780SLX and need the jet pump stator assembly with good bearings/seals - if it has new or newly installed bearings/seals thats even better. The ski's got the extended pump I believe if that matters at all? For the right price, I'd also consider buying the whole jetpump assembly- but all I really need is the stator and bearings/seals.

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    Now would be a good time to buy a 6 vane if you can find one.

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    i have some here. all have good bearings, seals, ect. freshwater.

    60.00 = nicks from the veins
    75.00 = less nicks, better shape
    100.00 = good shape.

    you can see pictures at my photo link below, in the polaris drive seciton.

    send me ane amail if i can help. thank you.

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