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    1994 Sea Doo XP for Parts

    I have a 94 Sea Doo Xp for parts. I bought it as a project to fix up and do hull repair on.. The engine is locked up at the crank. I am sure the block is still good, and you could just replace the crank and bearings. cylingers would most likely need new sleeves. But I have other parts, electrical, tanks, gauges, steering, jet pump, and whatever else is on the ski. If you are a good body repair person, im sure you could fix the hull. Has a split in the front seam of the hull.
    I tested the starter and it still works.
    Anything you can think of that it needs let me know, and I will strip it off for you.
    I just havent had the time to do this project and restore it.
    I will be extremely fair on prices for the parts.

    You can contact me at the following
    AIM aoj1902
    or here
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    sold so far

    following parts have been sold
    flame arrestor
    intake manifold with oil pump,
    steering and trim nozzle,
    choke cable
    throttle lever
    left side mirror (green)

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    how much you looking to get for what u have left i am in the mood for a summer project.

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    How much for the top part of the exhaust, part number 274000148? I will give you $30 plus s/h

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    Kill Switch

    I need a lanyard kill switch. The button one that is pre-DESS that your lanyard attaches to.

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    Exaust Manifold

    I am looking for an exhaust manifold. The "Y" pipe.

    Do you have one for sale?


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    Do you have the Gas Gage with the Low Oil Warning Light? If so what would be the price? Thanking you in advance, rexlyn

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    are you parting the engine out?
    let me know if you do I need some internal components

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    Smile Fully Functional 95 XP with new 07' Motor with low hrs

    I've got a 96 XP that is in great running order. I had the motor replaced in 07' due to a leak that locked up the original. I've only run it around 30 hrs in the last two seasons and it runs great! I'd be willing to sell you the whole unit cheap. I'm getting too old to get bounced around all day. Let me know if you are interested.

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