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    Lost 8mph? during break in

    Hey all, I'm new to PWC and had a question regarding my new leftover '06 F-12X. I've got it out twice now and I'm breaking it in. The first time it got about half way through the first tank and the second time I got through the rest of the first tank.

    Beings I'm breaking it in for the first two tanks, it has been kept under 5k rpm. The first time out, it was a little rougher as more people were on the lake. It would hit 40 on the speedo @ 5k rpm. The second time out, there were less people out. It was probably 10 deg cooler, about 65 deg F. and the water was not as rough as the first outting. It would hit about 32mph @ 5k rpm. I'm not saying the speedo is accurate, but I'm comparing its numbers to itself between two outtings. The two outtings were about 3 weeks apart. It felt just as fast as the first time though. /shrug

    I checked the intake grate by rolling it 90 deg in the water and looking up there while at the lake, but didnt see anything clogging up the shaft/impeller. I'm not in learning mode. I toggled that on and off to make sure.

    I was wondering what could be the most likely possible causes and what things to check? To check for damage to the impeller, would I have to remove the nozzle on the rear?

    thanks for any tips

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    Get a GPS to record your speeds. Never rely on the speedo for anything other than a reference.

    You should be able to pull 6080-6180 RPM at WOT depends where you live, which I have no idea becuause you didnt post it in your profile for help.


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    Hi AXO959,

    Like NitroShark said, don't make your final decision based on the speedometer.....very inaccurate. I'm no Honda tech, but I've owned four (2-F12x and 2-F15x). When I asked about "break-in", my dealer told me to ride like I stole it. I did that with both F12x's (2004 and 2005) and never had one moments trouble in 200+ hours. Acceleration was great the entire time and I was doing between 40-45 mph at 5000 rpm (according to speedometer). At around 5000rpm, my turbo would kick in, so when we were on long runs, I'd keep it under 5000rpm as much as possible for better fuel efficiency. Hope some of that helps.


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    Well, the speedometer was acting up this past weekend when I took it out to run a second tank through it. Cruising at 5k rpm the speedo would read erraticly 3mph - 8mph and sometimes jump up to 25-32mph. It has 'felt' like i'm going the same speed, regardless of the speedo reading between 3mph up to the 40mph it did its maiden voyage.

    Is there something I can check or will I have to take this in? This would be a warranty item correct?


    65-70deg F, lake tapps in WA

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    Make sure there is not some junk stuck in your speedo wheel. Little paddle wheel looking thingy on your ride plate.

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    probably not much help here but check the intake grate maybe you sucked some seedweeds in or some small garbage. other then what was mentioned dont rely on the dream-o-meter for speed accuracy, these can be off up to 20mph in either direction

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