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    Opinion on Prop setup

    I am installing a XS IC kit Fri. The rest of my mods are in my sig. Right now I have a 14/19 untouched and the reduction nozzle with no rings. After the IC should I go to the 15/20 no rings or stay with the 14/19 and go down to the 82mm or 81mm ring? Just looking for opinions before I start testing.

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    I'd say since your RPMs are low, install the IC and see where that lands you. Hopefully it'll bring you right up to 8100.

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    They're actually a bit over 8100. The 7800 was with the 15/20 but I took it back out and put the 14/19 with the reduction nozzle. I started with the 81mm ring but as the temp and humidity went up I have had to go with no ring right now

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    I would try the 14/19 and 81mm ring first...

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