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    If your ski was a bike, which would it be?

    I was reading the Street Bikes Anybody thread, and since PWCs are very closely tied to motorcycles, I thought I would ask, What bikes and skis match up?

    For example,

    Blaster 1:
    Yamaha SR500.
    Obsolete and slow compared to today's race replicas, but a true rider's machine with light weight and one-of-a-kind handling that begs to be pushed. A huge cult following that mods the hell out of them.

    Kawasaki JS440:
    SOHC Honda CB750 Four.
    The one that ushered in the modern age.

    Kawasaki JS550SX:
    Honda CB900F.
    Just like the original, only enlarged and modernized.

    Honda F12:
    Yamaha FJ1200 or Kawasaki Concours.
    Not really a racer, but not really a luxo-tourer either. A true GT machine, swift and comfortable. Quirky details. Made the same year after year, and sold steadily to a devoted following but never grabbed the headlines or the buying public's imagination the way it might have.

    Honda CR250.
    Changed and updated over the years, but always the same aim -- pure hooligan roostitude. Favorite of extreme freestylers.

    WaveRaider 1100:
    Kawaski H2 Mach IV
    Fastest thing in its day, but only in a straight line. Handling can be downright scary. Actually kind of tame compared to today's machines, but still gets talked about. Anybody who rides one today probably always will, and won't ever give a damn how the four-strokes do it.

    Kawasaki TS:
    Yamaha Trailway 200.
    Utterly, utterly boring, but a guaranteed favorable experience for novices and very practical for utilitarian use. Quirky design was never imitated. Race marshals love them.

    Kawaski 650SX:
    Kawasaki 750 Turbo.
    Groundbreaking and lusted after at the time, but quickly became outdated. Easy to find used, but most are trashed and worn.

    Polaris Octane:
    Norton Commando.
    Expensive, fast in their day, fairly rare, and definitely an aquired taste. Parts and maintenance will be more hassle than most, but those that show up on the used market are usually still in great shape.

    Just having fun thinking about this...what do you say?
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    Yamaha GP1200R = Yamaha R1, WHY?? b/c not the most hp on the market but amazing platform to keep up with the rest.

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    Sea Doo RXP-X -'s a bad mofo. need not say more.

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    Just how the heck, did you know that my ski was a bike...?
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    Hmmmmmm, I'm not much of a bike guy but....

    Sea Doo GTX Limited(215 sc/ic)
    Harley Davidson Road King, big, comfy, pricy, all the toys, and still more of a bad ass than it looks

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    Right now mine is like this one
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    Quote Originally Posted by 05GTXLTD View Post
    Sea Doo RXP-X -'s a bad mofo. need not say more.
    Id have to agree...but I dont have a RXP-X

    96 XP modded = Busa

    thats what it feels like anyway. I'd probly get killed by an X though...

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