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Thread: stand up pwc

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    stand up pwc

    I want to buy a cheap fun pwc that is stand up, what models should i look for and what should i look out for.


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    I'm not really familiar with standups, but is a pretty good site for standup information

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    check i'd get an older superjet imo...i plan on getting one later in the summer

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    Quote Originally Posted by GP1300RnPVB View Post
    I'm not really familiar with standups, but is a pretty good site for standup information
    don't go to PWCYestarday

    go to greenhulks sister site X-H20, if you look on the left side of the screen, it will say like online store, order OEM parts Buy amsoil... keep moving down to the 3rd box down from the top, and at the bottom of that box it will say Freeriders X-H20 go there

    Good luck!

    post here when you get your ski so we can see it!

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