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    Oil level: Hot vs. Cold

    When is the oil level higher, when the engine is in it's operating temp or when it is cold? Mine is lower when the engine is cold and more when it is hot. Strangely, the 2 mechanics at my dealer are disagreeing whether it should be higher when cold or hot. I am asking this because I keep on having oil level warnings while racing, specially in choppy conditions. My oil level right now is just above the bottom bend.

    According to one of the mechanics, my oil pump and scavenging pump could be bad.


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    The level should be 1/2 way between the two bends on the stick HOT.
    Sounds like your running it low. Set it to the recommend level and retest before you listen to some schmuck guess work your SKI.

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    John, midway between the two bends should solve your problem.

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