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    2000 Ultra 150 Oil line replacement

    Everyone says to change the oil lines fist thing. I have some questions it would be awesome to get a response.

    1. I have been told that 1/8 is close enough to 3mm to do the job. Is this true?

    2. Bleeding the lines, I was going to use the same 1/8 fuel injection line used on cars. If I do I will not be able to see any air bubbles in system. IS this necessary if I use the cattle cyringe method to fill the lines?

    3. Does anyone know where I can order bulk clear 3mm line from?

    4. Will zip ties work to hold the lines in place, or should I use hose clamps?

    Thanks for the input.


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    The 1/8th I had was too big but some people get lucky.

    I think most of us use zip ties. There isn't much pressure so it's not a big thing.

    I put a tad more oil in my gas then usual and watched to make sure my lines filled up.

    I ordered my line from atlanticjetsports, it was a clear blue and looks great.

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