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    Wish I had found this site sooner!

    Hey guys, the title says it all. I'm sure you know what is coming. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Cruising the river on my 06 RXT with 62 easy cruising hours. , running perfect. Ran for hour or so with a few wot at 69mph. Brought it up to the ramp, put it on the trailer, pulled it out, started it to blow out the water and it just quits..... no funny noises, just quit. Won't crank. So I take it home and put the battery charger on it, even though I have a really bad feeling. 2 hours later tried to crank and just slowly turns over but doesn't sound right. So I pull the valve cover. Guess what? broken timing chain. Cause? my only guess from reading this forum would be the sc is gone.

    Any ideas, suggestions? Warranty ran out last July. Dealer says nothing he can do.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check out this link:

    Here's the text:

    "if you have an engine failure and your boat is stock and you did not caue the failure. sea doo will cover it under an emissions warranty. it goes for 4 years from puchase or 250 hours. i work at a large dealer and have had dozens of sea doo engine jobs myself. if it maks you feel better, none of them have been of any cost to the customer. always under emission warranty. sea doo is very good about that. justfind a dealer that goes that extra mile."

    You might PM KDSD731 for more information. He's a Sea Doo tech in Ca... Ron

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2doubleeagle View Post
    Hey guys, the title says it all. I'm sure you know what is coming. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    I wish you had too...Welcome!! and good luck with your problem!!

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    welcome to the forum
    alot of us have been in the same shoes. Not all with failures but some have spent alot of money trying to mod our skis and then find the forum and only to realize that we actually need to sell our parts for what we really want.

    Good luck with your situation as keep digging and i am sure you will find plenty of help here to getting your ski running.

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    Welcome! As a fellow newbie I def second your title. Am sure most of the folks on this site agree w/ ya. I have learned a LOT here in the last 3 months! Def the BEST 'Doo site on the web! Good luck w/ your ski!

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