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    Proper Tow Rope?

    Hey there guys,
    just a quick question. I have some relatives making their way to my cottage this weekend so I was hoping to get the tube and other toys out for them. I just want to make sure I can tow fine with the ski and hopefully not worry about the row getting sucked into the impeller. Any suggestions or ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

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    like you said dont get it caught in the intake had to fix 2 ski cause of this

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    You might look into one of these:

    It keeps the rope near the ski rigid so it helps to keep it from getting sucked back in. I'm sure you can also make one out of a pool noodle or something, the idea being to just keep the rope away from the ski. Also, just watch when you're turning around to pick up a fallen skier. Most of the time this is when the rope gets sucked up by running it over in the water.

    Have fun.

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    We tow all the time and the key thing is a well trained spotter. Either have someone who knows what they are doing or do it yourself. Even though my kids understand it all , I prefer to pull the rope in and let it out myself if I am driving. Easiest way to screw up is either throw a whole bunch of rope over at once while you are idling or backing up over the rope while the skier is getting set to go. In all cases a well trainer co-pilot will save a lot of grief.

    Never happened to me, but I undertsand that if that the worst happens take the spark plugs out so you can turn the motor over and then get to work unravelling....good luck.

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    It happened to me once, I asked my spotter if the rope was clear he said yes. I guess he meant it was clear to see it was under the ski. It was on my Polaris MSX and the grate is very small so it is hard to get to the impeller shaft. It took three hours to cut the rope out. My neighbor is a mechanic and he came over when he came back outside and saw me under my ski two hours later and gave me some better tools.It wound the rope so tight that it melted thew nylon together. I knew what happened immediatly. It was a long way to swim in from pushing a ski. Thank goodness it did not warp the impeller or damage the seal. Best thing is to double check yourself.

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    Ragged is right. The spotter is key. Also let the ski idel and feed the rope out instaed of putting all the rope out at one time. My kids ski off our RXDI all the time without problems. I just explained to them if the rope gets sucked up there will be downtime. Their spotter sits backwards and is very careful about where the rope is at all times.

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