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    still cant see 8100

    Where should I look next to pickup 200 rpm? Have 05 C180 just installed sc with metal washers and greenwheel from jerry,Also added riva power filter and ran garden hose on intercooler to see it was not clogged. Also filled ride plate holes, and oil is at correct level.Water was 75 air was 75 Two people in boat 450lbs total only 7850 rpms at wot.What next???

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    What are you running for an impeller?

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    New 14/19r and new wear ring pump done at impros

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    Add an aftermarket intercooler which will also require either 42lbs injectors or rising rate fuel pressure regulater. The regulator would be the preferred route as far as fuel consumption goes.
    If you dont want to buy more stuff to get your RPM's correct then consider pulling 1 or even 2 mm out of the impellers trailing edge.

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    Think I'll try the impeller 1mm first as dont really want to mod further. thanks

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    will give it a try thanks

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