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    How to Cool RXPX Engine Compartment

    The engine area is way too hot after a run. The seat has to be left off to cool everything down it seems.
    Now there are numerous products around designed to cool the air intake or a rear intake, or to vent the sides a tiny bit, but nothing that cools the WHOLE area down.

    I was thinking of putting a fan at the front to push the air in, with another at the back to push it out. Other than a bag of ice on the block, anyone have any other ideas ??

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    Open loop cooling.

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    Have you ever had a boosted car? The exhaust starts to glow. I would not screw with it unles you know more then Sea Doo and I doubt that.

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    Open loop cooling or a cooler thermo. You could also cut holes in the engine cowling and put flowrite vents in to allow air to flow out of the engine compartment and keep water out. You could also get the Riva high flow hood to get some more fresh air in. I hardly see anyone running the high flow hood though so it's probably no good. Not sure though.

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    I was thinking of puting flowrite vents in my RXP-X.. but i do alot of wave jumping... would the flowrite vents be a problem for me??

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