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    Unhappy Help with intake

    Im looking at purchasing a Sea-doo FX 1998. I test drove it out on the lake by my house, and it wasnt really going anywhere, like it was revving up, but hardly moved. We took it out of the water and found tons of weeds all up in the intake. This lake does have quite a bit of weeds in it, but my question is, is there an aftermarket intake/grill type thing that will limit the amount of weeds going into it? any other suggestions would be appreciated on how to get the weeds out/prevent them from entering. This sea-doo also does not have reverse so that option is out.

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    sorry its an XP not Fx

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    1 need to stay away from weeds. Or you'll be constantly flipping it on it's side cleaning it out.

    This is true of all skis...BTW.

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