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    98 xpl carbs rebuild

    hey guys, i am rebuilding my 98 xpl carbs due to having the tempo gray fuel lines and there was a bunch of green slimy goo on all of the fuel line attachment points. anyway, i got a little bit overzealous when taking off all of the hoses and figured that my shop manual would have a good picture to reference for putting the hoses back on right. i know, i know, got too far ahead of myself and did not pay attention. anyway, i was wondering if anybody had a pic of their carbs that show all of the hose routings. thank you all.

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    just realized you have the shop manual it doesn't have a fuel routing diagram?!
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    i have not found it. but then again, i could have just missed it. i am hoping somebody can help me with this.

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    surely it has one O_o

    if not i know this one does, its a PDF file of the shop manual for 98's

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    The fuel p/u has notations on the grommet for ON / RES / RET / Vent. They are hard to see but look close.

    ON / RES to the fuel selector(5/16") and RET direct from T-fitting(1/4") at the bottom of the carbs.
    From the selector to the water separator to the fuel pump(5/16").

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    thanks mongorunner, that is the manual i have and i took another look at it and sure enough there they were. thanks. now as soon as i get my rebuild kit i can change all the lines and put her back together and hopefully this will fix my rpm issue.

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