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    Import \ Export

    Hi, i'm Italian and i want to talk about us.....(I don't know if here is ok!)

    In Italy to buy an rxpx you must pay 32000USD(21000e),any kind of kit is very expensive;for example an air kit 550usd(the lower)without the work.

    It is very difficult to play with a watercraft.

    Now i'm asking for import pwc but in Europe you need a CE certification for the pollution(only something written by the importer);i'have asked it to the italian importe and nothnig. The same thing asking to the .

    Do you have any idea? I would like to widespread your store and your work.

    I need ideas and help for evrything to try to create a partnership between USA and Italy.

    Tnx for your knowledge \ experience \ passion for the everybody.

    PS the same thing if i buy something used!!!
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    in Germany there are several companies providing CE certificates, for example "Germanischer Lloyd".
    You should ask a company which provides regitration services for ships and boats.

    This is the Link to the Germanscher Lloyd

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    Thank You Very much

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