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Thread: exhaust???

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    Question exhaust???

    Okay i have a 2005 gtx sc and i am going to upgrade to rxt or t-x, but in the meen time i want to do some upgrades i can switch over to the new ski this winter... What exhaust's do they have that you dont have to remove the o.p.a.s? I was thinking free flow? Any ideas...

    Thanks, Dylan

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    You can just remove the resonator and replace the rubber hose with a metal free flow pipe or maybe add a gibson and use the stock exhaust location. That would take some custom pipe fabrication though. Gibson would fit in the resonator hole I would think.

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    Where can i get a metal free flow pipe? How much an does anybody know how the sound?

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    Advanced Auto.....$7-8....loud.

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    I dont want anything to loud i just want it to sound good

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    block off the opas and go gibson, trust me it's worth it..

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