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    Cleaning opas screens on RXT

    Hey guys,
    I plan on taking my opas off but for now I need to clean screen. How do you go about cleaning that screen? Is it just the little metal screen that I see on the inside of the venturi or do I have to unscrew the clamp on the elbow and remove elboow to clean inside? Is there anything I need to do to clean out the hose going back to the opas cylinder? I know this is a real newbie question but I realized this week that I have never checked this! Thanks for the help.

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    Hey buddddy.

    you got a few options really, depends how clogged up she is.

    1. remove the venturi off the pump and just clean the screen with a wire brush or tooth brush until it looks good.

    2. if it's pretty packed and solidified dirt and scum, twist that palstic elbow out of the venturi and let it sit in some nice hot water and then try the toothbrush or wire brush.

    3. which i recommend before both 1 and 2..... just get some 3/4" PVC and jam those OPAS fins in the UP position so u never gotta worry about the screen getting clogged again. Two pieces that are 2 inches long, and cut a lengthwise groove in the pieces about 1/4" wide... jam the OPAS fin up with one hand, and put the PVC part on the OPAS shaft that is rides up and down on.

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    You're right Shib, I went up to the Home Depot today and got the going to do it in the morning..I like the way the RXP ran in D.C. without it. Thanks

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