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    2008 Superjet Factory B Pipe Problems

    Ok so I have installed the following on my 2008 Superjet:
    Factory B Pipe (with recommended carb jetting)
    Caps have been drilled off the carbs and correct settings for high and low
    Riva Air Filters
    MSD Enhancer
    Solas 13/17
    Works D Plate
    Works Grate

    I have installed everything to the specs they provided. The problem is when I take the ski out it's not really fast at all, feels much slower than stock most of the time. On the top end to will feel fast and then start to slow down. The bottom end is also terrible. It I kill it and try to start it up sometimes it will have about 1500-2000 RPM at full throttle. It will not go above that, then after about a minute it pops back to normal. What have I done wrong? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    someone here should be able to help, but try stand up site

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    Anyone else have any ideas at all that I shoud check?

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    OK talked to factory they have no clue at all what the problem might be. Does anyone know if I should disconnect the factory heat sensor? Could that cause my problem?

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    I would try the heat plug, might help, doubt it, is the piupe really hot, are the screws on the pipe itself done right? also are you check your plugs might just be running.

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    Pipe is not running that hot IMO. The chamber is not even sizilling like it's supposed to be. Also the first time I took it out the little supplied cover for the water outlet on top of the stock heat blew the top out. Like popping a small balloon.

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    I'd double check the wiring on the MSD unit if you added it at the same time, and while there check out all the grounds and connections in the electical box. Its easy to let one slip out of place while trying to get everything back in place. Also, check out the coil and spark plug wires with a meter. We had a plug wire that was broken internally about 2 inches out of the elect box, and it did the same kind of stuff yours is doing. It would spark on both wires, but under close examination, the one wire was a yellow and weak spark. A new coil with plug wires fixed it right up.
    Some people have had issues with the MSD, but we don't(except the wiring diagram wasn't quite right).
    Factory Pipes are the Bomb on SJ's, we used their carb jets and settings and they were spot on.
    One last thing is to check the fuel system, pump, lines, pop-off, incase something got messed up their. Good Luck

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