ok heres the deal which im hoping to find locally

Im looking for either one of the following
1. dead
2. sunk
3. blown
4. Hydrolocked
5. Damaged
6. Doesn't run

94-95-96 SL750 Ski thats complete I don't care if it doesn't float, missing exterior parts, I basically want a Ski thats complete on the interior (Motor/Electrical/jetpump) that I can use as a demonstrational ski for Videos on how to do things with it ( Im sick of having to use my very first and running 95 SL750 ski to take pictures, for that im worried something will break/snap or I do damage to it)

Im not looking for skis that are $500 plus, Im looking for something in a couple of hundred range ( a Donation would be ok aswell ) as the ski will most likely never see the water again.. I don't need a trailer either as I will Perminantly mount it to a cart..

I have digital video equipment setup in the garage that I use for Live feeds on how to repair yaddy yaddy (car engines mainly)

if I pick up a full complete Ski I will give away any parts deemed not needed to someone who DOES need it (ie, Fuel tank, oil res etc...)