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    which piston rings

    well i'm going to be tearing into the motor on my 760 to replace my oil seals so i figured i might as well replace the piston rings and hone the cylinders.
    my question is which piston rings i need? on they have 3 choices
    PISTON RING SET(ST ....qty 4
    PISTON RING SET .........qty 2
    PISTON RING SET(OS ....qty 2

    also if anyone has any other suggestions on what i should or need to do while i'm in there let me know. so far my list is as follows:

    rear oil seals
    intermediate shaft housing bearing and seals(bearing is shot so i might as well)
    reed valves (mine arent sealing)
    and piston rings( if i can figure out which ones)

    thanks in advance

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    64X-11603-00-00 std rings.

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    remember to get some fresh 1211 sealer and a new internal anode if your's is eaten away at all ....
    the reeds dont all ways firmly shut ..there can be a slight air gap and still be acceptable..if you have some hours on them, replace em ...
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