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    I just bought a 93 waveblaster, i aslo have a 96 seadoo gtx. Are the waveblasters supposed to be so hard to ride i have no problem riding the sea doo but i keep tipping over when going slow? Dose anyone have any suggestions on how to ride it better when going slow? The ski runs great that is the only issue i am having, is it something that i just have to get used to? Is there anything i can add to the ski that will help it stabilize more?

    Any info would be great.

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    Yep, that is how the WB 1s are. Tried to ride my bud's WB 3 weeks ago. It wasn't pretty. I was in the water more than one the 'ski

    He is 6'3" and 250 lbs and can ride that thing like a pro.

    It is something that you have to learn. (or so I am told)

    Overall once you get the hang of it, it's a super fun 'ski !!!

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    Just practice, it is the most fun to ride but if you are bigger its harder. Getting on it is a pain. Don't give up . Try just sitting on it in shallow water. To get the hang of it.

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    as was said ,thats the way they are...
    dont stop....
    dont go slow...
    and definately dont fall off....
    there is a pull up manuver ..its like kicking the bull in the head, then trying to hop on turn,throttle ,then kind of fling your body'll develope a good upper body!
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    The WB1 is a blast to ride once you figure out what it takes to board one. I used to start mine while in the water and then mount it quick from the back and grab the gas then away you go. After a while I could, in calm water, just hop on and sit stationary. I'm 6'1" 175-180lbs in my 40's. Sold the ski a year ago.

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