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    struggling on startup

    Hi guys just wanted to give you an update on my 99slx and 96sl. I just got the slx working after a jetpump rebuild and alignment and new stator, so its good ot go.

    The 96sl came off a total rebuild this winter...AND RAN FANTASTIC I couldnt believe how well it ran without the usual tuning. Sure its a bit rich for the first tank or two, but nothing that can't be fixed. I did however notice that when I start it up after its been sitting a couple hours that it has a hard time wanting to get up to the 1250-1300 rpm idle, it kind of struggles for a minute or two at 650-850 rpms... then gets going 1300 rpms like something just kicked it back into action. Any ideas? fuel delivery? (carbs have been newly rebuilt)

    Otherwise it idles very strong, great top speed, easy starts once warm

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    Glad to hear you got past that problematic jet pump stator issue! Hope it holds together for you long term now. Don't see why it shouldn't, as you have been over it with a fine toothed comb by now

    Did you find someone to try rebuilding the bad stator?

    If you can, check for spark on each cylinder when the slow idle happens on the SL. Might be an electrical issue.

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    i hope not he just spent a pretty penny on a update kit for it ,

    so 2 tanks of gas are gone ? take the domes off see how she is burning

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