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    Questions about the stage 1 kit from Riva.

    I'm very interested in this kit from Riva for my 06 RXT. I've read about the speed improvements but my question is does this kit give a better low end punch out of the water?

    Also as I side note Im also interested in getting the RR rear exhaust kit. My wife rides it alot and I don't want her coming back and tell me to take it off cause its too loud. Can anyone kindof tell me how much louder I can expect my machine to be with the RR exhaust?


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    riva stage 1

    just about everything in the stage I kit helps acceleration. it says that in the part descriptions and people's experience backs it up. its definitely a noticable difference when compared to stock.
    the pump wedge will bring the nose of the ski out of the water more during the holeshot.

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    stage 1 kit is definitely a good starting point....

    the exhaust... I love it and i'd never go back to stock, but once u go to a thru-hull exhaust there's really no turning back unless you get a 3" bulkhead fitting and make the "patch" look retarded or re-fiberglass and gelcote the hole.

    it's louder, more aggressive sounding, defintiely not intolerable, but totally a subjective thing. i dont mind loudness, but i hate resonance.... the power flow pipes and free flow pipes resonate badly.... the thru-hulls are just louder, not annoying kinda loud.

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    I love the Thru-hull exaust, BUT if I had to do it again I wouldn't.

    I really enjoy the quietness of my wife's gtx sc, and miss that about mine. When going WOT I don't mind the noise. It is when I'm cruising between the mountians in a cove that I miss the quiet ride.

    And it does have a resonance (at least mine does) between 3000 and 3500 RPM.

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    I am about to do the thru hull too but it sounds like you have both sides here what you really need to do is try to find a way to hear it first then decide on your own. If there are modded skis in your area I am sure they wont mind letting you listen to them.

    MB was worth the trip just for this

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