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    Ultra Breakdown- Need assistance, please.

    I went to the river over the weekend and my Ultra was running like a dream on Saturday. I went back out on Sunday and noticed that it idled fine. As soon as I passed the no wake zone and pressed the throttle, my ski would not accelerate and just bogged down on the low end. I also noticed a lot of roaring and vibration towards the back. So, I was worried and bummed not knowing what could cause this surprising breakdown and may have to dish out money to fix this problem. Hearing and reading horrible stories of the ignorance of some of these dealers, dismayed me even more. A friend recommended your website and suggested that you guys may have greater knowledge than the dealers.

    However, I think my prayers may have been answered today. I inspected it more closely and found out what may be the cause of all this. There is a 2" x 1" piece of wood stuck in the propeller. Please advise if I should still take it to the dealer or have a friend of mine manually remove the intake grate to get the wood out? Do you think I may have caused any damage to the ski when I re-started it and pressed on the throttle several times?

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Miss Ultra

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    Yes, pull the grate and remove the block of wood. Then inspect the impeller (especially the edges) for damage. Hopefully, there is no damage, and the loss of power was just cavatation.

    Take some pictures and post them. We love pictures!!

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    Thanks, will do what you recommended. Do you have any recommendations regarding the kind of silicone needed to re-seal it?

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    From your description, Id say no question that jammed impeller was cause of problems. Sucking debris into impeller is ever present risk of jet drives. Ive done it many times on several different skis.

    Learned quick to stop immediately as soon as I hear and feel that vibration. One quick throttle pull to see if it clears. But no more. You can bend or chip impeller or worse, bend drive shaft.

    Removing intake grate and clearing on dry land is easy job for many here. Bent or chipped prop is usually easy to see. Ive taken ski into dealer to fix before but also done it myself. Depends on your comfort level and whether you have the money to pay someone else to mess with it. Youre right, must be careful on who does work. Id get price estimate in advance. Ive had some good and bad surprises depending on dealer.

    I'm attaching photo of my own Ultra incident. Impeller was totally jammed but no damage. Might have been my one free pass though.

    Note: If youre going in anyway, may want to clean up any excess silicone from factory. Thats whats called fixing bad silicone job.
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    Thanks guys. Blue 182, your picture is exactly what mine looks like. Someone recommended taking it out with a long screwdriver, but I'm afraid if I do that, it might bend the impeller or fall behind it.

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